zack (testsubject117) wrote,

Good and bad news

Good news:
I am now 21 and I just got back from busch garden's,been there since wednesday.Heather took me for my birthday,we stayed in this little cabin at the williamsburg koa. It was really fun, I would have to say best birthday ever!!!!11one


I DON'T HAVAE A JOB:-( we got a bad secret shop mainly because I didn't instruct the guy on how to use the LVS. HE WAS BUYING FUCKING BLANK DVD-R'S!! he came in looking for blank dvd's and nothing else. didn't even look at the cd's and because I didn't show him how to preview cd's I lost my job biggest bunch of bull shit ever!
I hate corporate america. they didn't care that he wasn't looking for cd's they only cared that I didn't drag him over the the fucking lvs station and show him how to use it.
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