zack (testsubject117) wrote,

I am updating, Crazy I know

I guess I should update my livejournal, I never know what to put in these damn things.

I am really tired right now, I didn't get to bed till 3:30 and then for no reason at all I wake up at 5:45. I never wake up that early,I hate getting up that early. I'm sure heather wasn't to happy about me waking her up that early either.

Work hasn't changed much in the last few weeks the only thing that has changed is the fact that I how have a 20 minute drive instead of a 3.

The house is coming along, it still has a bit of work that needs to be done but coming along. I enjoy living down here, with my 3 and a half roomates (neal is almost never here so he doesn't count as a full roomate)

My birthday is in less then a month I am going to be 21 I am thinking about getting drunk simply becuase iti s my 21th birthday. I want to take some vacation time for my birthday and go somewhere I am just not sure where

and last but most important heather...I lvoe that girl to death. I don't get to see her as much as I want and I probaly will get to see her even less now that Fisher's is open all week and she is going to be working like 6 days a week and works on weekends (my days off). Her graduation is this tuesday, I would love to do something for her to celebrate I just don't know what. anybody got any ideas?
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